“Tri Me” self-portrait, copyright 2013 Alexandra Whiteside


She studied the woman
in the mirror
searching with narrowed gaze
and set jaw
for some semblance
of herself.

Surely the creases
bracketing her mouth
gave lie to the sober stranger
before her,
offering proof of laughter
and lightness of spirit.

That’s not me—no
simpering creature despairing
of tenderness and hope.
She did not—would not—plead
for scraps
of warmth and touch.

Resolve renewed,
she painted her lips and eyes
and turned to face
the day.

But by nightfall she found
it easier
to simply avoid
the mirrors.




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  1. The complexity of thought and word matched perfectly with the tri-colored art. A great reflection of the soul’s searching for personal definition. Loved this.

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